Purchasing a home with Homequest

Buying a home is generally the biggest transaction that people will ever make-  the  stakes are high, but the rewards can be so much  higher. Homequest can provide you with guidance and  give you the benefit of our many years of  experience to help you stay on track. Put your mind at ease and allow Homequest to help get you started.

The Intangibles are Tough to Measure, But There Are Other Benefits you can Quantify:

Financial Investment:
Your monthly mortgage payment creates equity for you, not your landlord.

The Interest on your Mortgage is a Tax Deduction:
While this isn’t a reason in itself to buy a home, it’s nice to get a break at tax time.

Fixed Monthly Housing Payment:
If you opt for a fixed-rate mortgage, the monthly rate of your mortgage won’t change for the length of the term.

Deciding Where to Live:

Unfamiliar with the area you’re moving? Your buyer’s agent is an invaluable resource. He or she can offer insider knowledge on neighborhoods, schools, access to recreation and shopping districts, and the many other details on local neighborhoods and subdivisions. It’s important to have a clear picture on the features that matter most to you in a home or location- it will make things a lot easier for you.

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