Frequently Asked Questions

What Are My Fees?

All transactions under $1 million in sales price are a flat fee of $475 Transaction fee (per transaction, per side) & $125 E&O (per transaction, per side) All Transactions $1 Million and over are charged 5% of total commissions earned or $100 per $100,000 (0.10 %) of sales price, whichever is greater (per transaction, per side).

Is There A Monthly Fee?

No. There are no monthly fees.

What Will It Cost To Get Started?

We have a annual fee of $100 that is due upon signing.

Why Should I Switch To Homequest Real Estate?

Switching to Homequest Real Estate allows agents to keep more of their commissions. Technology has made it possible for agents to be more efficient and mobile. Why pay your current broker thousands for a desk you don’t use? Why not use that money for marketing instead? Be smart, make the switch and keep more money in your pocket.

When Do I Get Paid?

You will get paid 24 hours after we receive your complete closing package.

How About Signs and Business Cards?

All Homequest agents must use our trademark name and logo on all promotion/marketing materials. We will provide you with all the necessary design files for your business cards and signs.

Can I Negotiate Sales Commissions With My Clients?

Yes, you determine the total commission on your transactions.

Do You Provide Office Space Or A Conference Room?

Yes. Homequest Real Estate has a physical location which provides an open office space and a conference room to meet with your clients.

Is There A Computer Area I Can Use With Internet Access?

Our office is equipped with free wi-fi service for our agents. Computers are also available for use.

Can Any Agent In California Join Homequest Real Estate Brokerage?

Yes! You can join our brokerage no matter where you live as long as you are licensed in CA. Call for details.

Which Boards Are You Members of?
We are members of all major real estate boards in California.